KeeponG Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable [4Pack 3ft 6ft 6ft 10ft]

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❤ PERFECT LENGTH: 4Pack 3FT 6FT 6FT 10FT meets all your demands in daily life. Such as wall chargers, car chargers, adapters, multi-port desktop micro USB chargers and power banks.

❤ SUPERB PERFORMANCE: Here at we insist on using premium, thickened copper wiring inside our Android Cable cables to guarantee efficient syncing for all compatible devices.

❤ NYLON FIBER CLOTH: The high quality nylon fiber cloth is wound tightly around the cord to withstand day-to-day wear and tear whilst at the same time keeping it flexible and tangle-free.

❤ UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Android and Windows phones, tablets and many other devices including Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Sony, One Plus, Blackberry, PS4, Kindle, Xbox, PS Vita, Nintendo DS, GPS devices, battery packs, Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, cameras, camcorders, games consoles, hard drives, e-readers, printers.

❤ LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Every sale includes an 12-month, worry-free guarantee to prove the importance we set on quality.

Product Packs:
  • 4 pack
Great plugs, very durable . Great job and keep up the good working relationship with your customers. The logistics is very fast. I'm glad I chose this! Would purchase again. When I showed my daughter, I thought she was going to do cartwheels. I ordered these to have on hand for when my family and friends who have iphones come to visit. These are really nice braided cables so they are stronger and will last longer than the cheaper ones you get at store.
Perfect packing. Arrival time。 Great quality cable. I love braided charging cords and have been looking for some that were a fun color and these fit the bill! I have given similar cables out as small gifts. Every time, my friends like them. I got a cable tie as a gift. The build quality looks solid. It feels a little heavier compared with plastic cables due to the metal ends and thick wires inside. Even when it does eventually wear out, it's cheap to replace, so still pretty good value for money.
Second days to arrive. Well packed service Great value so far!! The value of the product. I and my wife each one I'm going to buy another three pack to have around when my son has gaming nights and his friends all need to charge at the same time. Be prepared for a high quality product! I have used this charger for a couple days with my IPhone 6s. I am curious to see how long it will last, as others I'd had that are also nylon braided have stopped working after a couple months.
My wife used very quickly and very quickly. They are longer also so they can have phone charging and still use phone. Good service. Fast delivery. The charge is fast. I go through my Charging cables very fast.. The quality and the price are both on point and you don't have to worry about it not working properly. Very pleased with these cords and the quality. Seems like they will hold up to some abuse. I have not tested as a data transfer device, just as a charger, and all is as expected.
Second days to arrive. Well packed service Absolutely loved these. My brother is very good at using it Just what I needed!!!!! Worth buying I love how low profile these are!
A cable that was long enough and sturdy enough to hold up to using it on my Apple devices. The braided cable looks sturdy and so far, it has worked well. Recommend this 100%. Anyway buy it you wont regret it the price is right! The length is just right. The color daughter likes it very much good product. The logistics is very fast. I'm glad I chose this!
I'm going to buy another three pack to have around when my son has gaming nights and his friends all need to charge at the same time. The iPhone of the family uses this product. Very satisfied Second days to arrive. Well packed service As the price. I don't have to worry about the cord bending until it breaks because of my phone holder, and the USB is ambidextrous, so you don't have to worry about which way you put it into the usb port Really pleased with this item.
Would purchase again. I have been using this and am very happy with the eh length the quality of the wire. The packing is perfect. Delivery is fast Very nice! Buy a sofa for your family. Good at present Made very well, and the quality shows in when you hold it and realize they made this to be strong and to last!
Recommend it to my friend. It's good to arrive on time Be prepared for a high quality product! Highly recommended for everybody to have it. The length is very good. The family can be used at any time. Super value products Now my phone can sit on my night stand and reach the outlet and charge all night. Highly recommend!! :)
Love that I have 2 extra backups just in case one goes out. Definitely a great buy. Great quality. Perfect functionality Would purchase again. Fast receive, 5 stars I'm very satisfied. The color that the daughter likes. A valuable gift I purchased this cord after trying several braided options looking to counter my durability concerns. While the company's braided cords held up physically they stopped functioning when connected to the device after a few months. These braided cords were not Mfi certified as the PowerLine is. From my past experiences and the reviews from others I honestly feel that this is the best power cord option for iPhone users that require the lighting interface.
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  • iPad Pro (10.5")
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